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Customer Reviews

"Brought in my laptop which was not powering up. It was examined for free and was diagnosed as a problem with the power socket. It was repaired for a very fair charge and back to me the next day fully working. Excellent service, highly recommended." 

 - Alan G

"these guys are fast and very friendly they replaced my shattered iphone glass in a few minutes while I waited and only charged £45, apple store wanted over £100!"

 - John P

"Great job, my pc seems to be running faster now than when it was new! Thanks again "

 - Darren M

"My xbox 360 had been occasionally displaying one red light for a few weeks before it stopped working completely. I took it in to thanet computer repair and they told me it was a common design fault and was fixable, the problem has not reoccurred since I got it back and they have made some modifications to help prevent the problem in future, all for much less than the price of another xbox."

 - Michael H

"I have had several PCs repaired by Thanet Computer Repair, and in each case their service has been fast, professional and not overpriced. I would definitely recommend them to friends."

 - Mark H

"my daughters nintendo DS had a large crack in one of the screens, I searched for ramsgate nintendo repairs online and found thanet computer repair as it was nearby. their service was excellent, very fast and much cheaper than I expected. I will be returning to them to look at my laptop which has been giving me trouble."

 - Katie W

"I bought a new pc and just needed to back up my files from the old computer to the new one, thanet computer repair took care of it for me and had my pc back with all my old files the next day."

 - Phil C

"I visited thanet computer repair because there were so many viruses on my sons pc it was not starting. They cleaned it and now it runs perfectly, no popups and we have better protection than before. 10/10 "

 - Cheryl P


"In a period of 6 weeks we had all sorts of problems with our main computer as well as one of our laptops. Sam and Jim got everything going again absolutely great. Any pc-owner needs those two! Cannot recommend them enough."

 - Biggi F


"Excellent Service!! 10/10"

 - Ellie


"Just bought a 2nd hand laptop from Sam and Jim for a very fair price. Needless to say that we are extremely happy with the machine and the excellent service (as usual). Furthermore they helped a friend to get his laptop, which he bought somewhere else, going. Sam and Jim, you are the BEST!"

 - Bigg & Ray F


"Just had several new components fitted in my pc to quieten down the noise Sam and Jim offer a top class and knowledgable service for a very respectable cost thoroughly recommend the services offered by Thanet Computer Repairs to anybody seeking a competetively priced service with the personal touch that is lacking from other repairers. "

 - Jon R


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