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Customer Questionnaire


Hello and thanks for taking a look at our questionnaire. We are opening a new shop very soon and would really appreciate any feedback we can get to help make it a success.


Customer Survey
How often do you visit a computer or electronics store?
When your computer is faulty who repairs it?
A friend
A repair service
When looking for this type of service what search would you type into google?
What items have you bought from a computer store or website?
Do you usually go to a store or website for these items?
What store or website do you use most often?
What computer or electronic items do you buy most frequently?
What computer or electronics items have you required in the past but been unable to locate?
What phone do you use?
What games consoles or handhelds do you have?
What computer or electronic items do you have which have become faulty but which you have not had repaired?